Ultime notizie

Aspettando di ricominciare

abbiamo parcheggiato le auto in attesa di poter ricominciare a correre!

lo sapiamo che non potrà essere a breve, ma nel frattempo ci consoloremo nel gustarci le nostre piccole meraviglie con vista tatto e olfatto! 

“how can we miss the home race?”

How is it possible to miss the home race?

So we told each other and put on suits and helmets to test this wonder that came out of the Abarth Racing Department 37 years ago!

Finati and Codotto: from the emtions that Gioele gave Us to those of the 037

After a "forced" break, due to the birth of Gioele, Maurizio Finati and Martina Codottto returned to the start of a Special Stage.
Having left the FIAT 124 in the garage, that allowed them to be among the main players of the Hystoric italian rally championship in the last couple of years, the 33rd "Rally Piancavallo" saw Martina and Maurizio get on the top step of the podium driving a Lancia 037.
These are the impressions of the driver at the end of the rally:

Here we go again

let's start from where we had finished in 2017...from inside the cockpit we live the same emotion as the child who greets us form the edge of the street... let's hope not to disappoint him!

500 F

The journey has begun...

It is with great enthusiasm that we have begun this restoration, on a modest car but all to be saved for its historical meaning.

Finati and Codotto: "All'Alpi better than expected result"

Maurizio Finati and Martina Codotto, protagonists in the CIRAS 2017, finally got the better of

on the misfortune that, in the two previous editions, had never made them reach the arrival stage

of the Eastern Historic Alps. And not only that. Because, to the satisfaction of having finished the race

Friulian, is added a result, in the final classification, very positive.