“how can we miss the home race?”

How is it possible to miss the home race?

So we told each other and put on suits and helmets to test this wonder that came out of the Abarth Racing Department 37 years ago!

We can't hide the fact that, according to tradition, the " Alpi Orientali " has once again proved to be an obstacle race for us! But what fun...! Yes, because also in this edition we didn't miss anything, starting from the thrill that made us play a good wild card on the first p.s. disputed on Friday, that because of the breakdown of the engine to one of the cars passed before us, we found ourselves the last 4 kilometers of special stage sprinkled with oil, which made the road a real glass plate! It's a shame because the very driven and technical final piece of the descent of "Porzus" proved to be for us a careful walk on tiptoe ... but that's okay, calm and concentration to learn about this gem. We set off for the second special and on the "Valley" we detach a third time at 4.8 from the first: "a certain" Lucio Da Zanche... not bad, for being the beginning we could not hope for better!

Let's go to the night reorder, with the slightest soul and with the belief that we can try to get on the podium! The car is driven without too much effort and gives us beautiful emotions.

On Saturday morning we set off with good loads... maybe too much load: after two kilometers traveled on the stage "Trivio" we spun out of a hairpin... a moment of hesitation measuring how close was that gray wall of control and we start again! Not bad, everything is experienced, but this has made us lose precious seconds. On the p.s. "Drenchia" we arrive with that much more experience that allows us to detach the second time overall and we repeat ourselves also on the very long and challenging "Mersino", these two times allow us to gain the third place overall with a good margin on the fourth. But we get to the tidying up with a surprise, an EVIDENT oil leak... here the spectrum of our Alps comes back.. what to do? TRY!!

We leave for the second passage on the special stage "Trivio" with the desire to redeem ourselves for the mistake made in the first passage, all went well until one of the last turns... And here on a Destra3 Kiude2 we remain with the car in neutral, completely without traction! We finish the special stage like this, fortunately downhill but at a walking speed! We keep going down, in neutral, as long as the descent allows us and we wait for the guys from the assistance that are coming to meet us and that thanks to their proverbial efficiency allow us in some way to reach the equipped van. The transfer time is very short and we have already spent a lot of time to get to the assistance van ... car on tripods, off the hood and a painful countdown begins: the minutes pass fast, very fast, and we are still, seated, with our belts fastened, waiting to receive that long-awaited "VIA VIA" that puts you back in the race. The guys are working frantically without breathing but unfortunately when they give us the okay to restart it' already been 3 minutes beyond the agreed time to stamp at the C.O.... we pay 30 heavy seconds of penalty and we lose the third position.

The last two sessions are really tough and despite the efforts of the team mechanics we were left without the first gear, this makes us take some risks, it is not easy without the first gear, until Martina declares "Enough! Go slowly and let's bring home the race". And good Martina, that's how to do it! She goes as far as she can but when problems complicate your life you don't go looking for trouble... we do it for pure and healthy fun!

We bring home the fourth place with a little regret, this race does not want to give us any satisfaction ... but we really had fun! ...And finding the "great" Gianni Marchiol to congratulate us on arrival has brought us a great emotion! This was our Rally Alpi Orientali 2019. Special thanks Martina