“Sviluppiamo” quello che trasforma il sogno in realtà per poter vivere un'emozione!
The idea starts from afar, from an image of a child looking out from a bridge... the colours of sunset and a car... that car that changed the world of rallies... it was 1973 that car was the 124 abarth of Barbasio that was going to conquer the rally of the Alpi Orientali and that child was me, a dream!

La nostra 124

Our Fiat 124 Abarth Rally Group 4
front engine 4 cylinders
displacement 1756cc
power 180 HP at 7,200 gir/minute
Power supply with two Carburetors double body
5 gearbox ratios in front couplings
limited slip differential
independent suspension, coil springs and anti-roll bar with triangular arms swinging.
Worm and roller Steering
weight 900 kg
And lot of fun

Fiat 124 Abarth Rally

This is the story of the Fiat 124 Abarth Rally: the car that brought FIAT in motorsport

Summaries of sporting history "of the eternal second”!

The Fiat 124 Sport Spider was born in 1966, but it was only at the end of the decade that the Turin-based company decided to create variants for rallies to be supplied to private drivers. After a few preparations of 1.4 engines, at the end of 1969, the first 1.6 engines "officially" elaborated arrived: two Solex double body carburettors with power brought to 155 hp. The first important victory came in 1970, with the conquest of the Italian championship thanks to Alcide Paganelli, but it was necessary to wait for the end of 1971 and the definitive entry of Abarth in the Fiat galaxy for the first real competitive satisfactions.

1972 –The year that marks the turning point – opens with the presentation at the Geneva Motor show, by the prototype 124 Rally. In the meantime the Piedmontese discovery obtains its first successes in the international constructors ' Championship thanks to the Swedish Håkan Lindberg (first at the Acropolis and in Austria). Raffaele Pinto becomes the first Italian ever to win the European Rally title thanks to the victories in Spain (Costa Brava), in Austria (Semperit and 1000 Minuten), in Poland and in Yugoslavia. At the 1972 Turin Motor Show, Fiat presented the 124 Abarth Rally with a cylinder capacity of 1756cc and 128 hp in the road version and 165 hp in the 4 g version.

1973 In the very first edition of the WRC World Rally Championship, the official Fiat 124 Abarth Rally, created by the Racing Department of the Turin-based company, moved to the legendary “Corso Marche” of the Abarth headquarters and won in Poland with the German Achim Warmbold and two second places with the Finnish Rauno Aaltonen (Acropolis) and Maurizio Verini (Sanremo). In autumn, a more evolved version of the Piedmontese racing spider is unveiled, featuring an oversized engine (from 1,756 to 1,839 cc) with 180 hp, a gearbox with frontal clutches, self-ventilating front disc brakes and Koni rear shock absorbers.

1974 The Fiat 124 Abarth Rally returns to mount the 1.756 engine and is homologated the head with sixteen valves that allows to reach the power of 200 hp, begins the World championship, with a hat-trick in Portugal: first Raffaele Pinto, second Paganelli and third the Finnish Markku Alén (which also closes in third position the 1000 Lakes).
Other technical changes made at the end of the summer (increased tank and oil radiator moved) and in October (double rear shock absorbers) allow Verini to win the Italian championship and Giulio Bisulli (in Sanremo) and Alén (in the USA) to take home two second places.

1975 Saw the power of the 1756cc engine rise to 210 hp thanks to the implementation of mechanical injection, so the last season of the Fiat 124 Abarth Rally saw Mikkola and Alén second and third at Sanremo, a double Alén/Mikkola in Portugal and the second place of Verini (who also won the European title) at Sanremo. The Italian title was won by Roberto Cambiaghi.

1976 The Turin base car runs again in 1976 at the Monte Carlo rally with the official fiat oil colors and then leaves the race tracks giving space to the 131 Abarth... but this is another story.


Photo gallery

And this is the story in images of our Fiat 124 Abarth rally that so many emotions and so many satisfactions has been able to give us!!!!!

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