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Here we are again !! After an interlude to test the Zero at the 2020 san martino rally and a decidedly watered down attempt with consequent electrical problems at the piancavallo 2021 rally, we said to ourselves, "let's start again from Campagnolo ..." from that race so beautiful and felt by all drivers so much so that a large number of starters have always been registered, from that race that kept us baptized in our first Italian classic car championship and what great satisfactions it has always given us.


This week we want to dedicate ourselves to the legendary Alfa Romeos.

We will start with a splendid Giulia 1300 ti year 1968 in moss green color that seems to have been preserved in a sort of cryonic suspension!

Later we will dedicate ourselves to two beautiful and unobtainable Alfetta Turbodiesel 2.4 which, on closer inspection, never seem to come out of the dealer!

To finish with a less particular but no less beautiful Alfetta 1.6 last series!

It will be fun

sorry for the photo ...

Aspettando di ricominciare

abbiamo parcheggiato le auto in attesa di poter ricominciare a correre!

lo sapiamo che non potrà essere a breve, ma nel frattempo ci consoloremo nel gustarci le nostre piccole meraviglie con vista tatto e olfatto! 

“how can we miss the home race?”

How is it possible to miss the home race?

So we told each other and put on suits and helmets to test this wonder that came out of the Abarth Racing Department 37 years ago!



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