In 1967, the year in which the centenary of the Canadian Federation fell, all the nations of the world participated in the Universal Exposition in Montréal presenting the best achievements in the various fields of science and technology. The year before, the organizers of the Canadian event had chosen Alfa Romeo to create a car model that could represent the "maximum aspiration attainable by man in terms of cars", in order to display it as a technological symbol of the Expo. In order to carry out this task, the president Giuseppe Luraghi appointed the technical department, led by Orazio Satta Puliga and Giuseppe Busso, for the construction of the chassis and entrusted Bertone with the study of the bodywork and interiors. In those years, Alfa Romeo enjoyed great prestige among the North American public and the elegance of the car aroused keen interest which, contrary to forecasts, did not die out in the following months. The requests of the Canadian and US dealers were so pressing and repeated that they forced the Portello company to decide to put the car into production. Thus in 1970 the definitive version of the coupe was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Deliveries began in early 1972 at a price of 5,700,000 lire. The range of colors available ranged from pastel shades of medium blue, green, escoli gray, china red, orange and black, to metallic shades of brown, silver, orange, gold and green.

To honor the fifty years of one of Alfa Romeo’s most ambitious projects, we have deci- ded to present this splendid Montreal Mod. 105.64 in the classic escoligray color. Car produced in 1971 with chassis number n. 1425664 and sold in Brescia in 1972, after spending about ten years in the Italian territory, it was boughtby an English customer and then returned to Italy in 2010 and underwent a wise and careful restoration by the current owner. In the restoration, which took a fewyears between research and hours of work, all the parts damaged and corroded by time were replaced, the sheets were rebuilt and treated with the bestmaterials available, the mechanics were preserved and where deemed necessary, the necessary components were replaced to make the car safe and reliable. An act due to honor this marvel conceived by the best of Italian industry to represent the “maximum aspiration attainable by man in terms of cars” back in 1968.

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