PORSCHE 911 2.7

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In the 1974 model year, the body design of the Porsche 911 was extensively reworked for the first time. In addition to a Coupé and Targa version, a Cabriolet version was also available from model year 1983.

The most noticeable features of this 911 generation are the bumpers with black plastic bellows placed higher up. A red trim and, depending on the model year, red or black Porsche logo are applied between the rear light clusters of the G model.

The fenders with black bellows placed higher than the G model were a consequence of the homologation regulations of the USA.

In models that were not intended for the US market, cheaper shock absorbers were fitted instead of hydraulic shock absorbers. These had to be replaced after a potential collision. However, shock absorbers could be available as an option.

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