Designed by Ercole Spada, the Fulvia Sport had an extremely modern and sleek fastback tail line. Launched in 1965, the Sport had the same mechanics as the Coupé - except the axle ratio -, but thanks to the improved aerodynamics it reached higher top speeds . Despite this, it was almost never used in rally racing due to the greater delicacy of the monocoque on which the aluminum body rested and the general characteristics more suitable for use on the track (where the Lancia, at the time, did not race) than on dirt roads. Rather than on the basis of the technical evolution (which followed step by step that of the coupé), the various Zagato "series" can be distinguished on the basis of the material used for the bodywork. The Sport in fact adopted a bodywork entirely in Peraluman only between the 1965 and 1967. In the period 1968-70 the body became steel, with bonnet, doors and spare wheel compartment flap in Peraluman. The tailgate has always been in steel on all versions. The evolution of mechanics and engines follows that of the Coupé, except for the 1231 cc engine. In 1970 the mechanics of the second series were adopted on the last 600 bodies of the first series. At the end of 1970 the bodywork became entirely in steel, losing the moving parts in Peraluman, having been slightly redesigned by Mittino to functionally update the car by raising the roof for less difficult access and widening the fenders to accommodate larger tires. The opening of the bonnet was also modified by hinging it on the front, as required by the safety rules of the time. Production ceased in 1972, after Zagato (which was in charge of assembling the model) had produced about 6,183 It is interesting to note that the Fulvia Sport's artisanal origins led to an asymmetry in the shapes of the mudguards, an asymmetry that was also preserved on the second series bodies. The car we present to you is a 1967 Fulvia Sport 1.3 chassis 818.332 001245 and is one of 700 with Peraluman bodywork. Car that has undergone a total restoration in 2013, beautifully elegant and with all its original parts, it can only give you great emotions and great satisfaction. Car of sure revaluation.


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