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The E46 produced from 2000 to 2006. It is still a modern and sophisticated car in terms of daily usability (air conditioning, six airbags, electronic controls not too invasive and completely disabled), but equipped with one of the best engines that BMW M has ever produced: the 6-cylinder in-line aspirated, all done by the sports department of Monaco, in its greatest evolution, that is 3.2 liters of displacement and 343 horsepower at 7900 rpm. A racing engine, with a shivering sound and a determination, a reactivity and a propensity to go up in rpm that modern engines can only dream of. The performance was of absolute importance: 258.5 km/h speed (limited to 250), 5"22 on the 0-100 and 24"22 out of the km, at a speed of 222.8 km/h. Of course, that engine consumed a lot (8 per litre on the motorway, 6.8 in the city), but enjoyment was assured. It was enough to give a few taps of the throttle when stationary to understand what that 6-cylinder engine was made of, capable of blending at 8000 rpm without blinking an eye.

ModelM3 E46
Gearboxmanual 6-speed

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