The GTA (acronym for Grand Tourisme Alpine), otherwise called Renault Alpine GTA, was introduced at the beginning of 1985 to replace the A310, which remained on the list for 13 years, from 1971 to 1984. The presentation took place in March at the Motor Show. in Geneva in 1985. The bodywork, in plastic and polyester, roughly echoed the shapes of the A310, but restyled in a more modern key, thanks to the pencil of Heuliez, the author of the restyling. The GTA was initially offered in two versions: the first was the GTA V6 GT, equipped with the 2,849 cm³ V6 PRV engine, capable of developing 160 HP (120 kW) of maximum power at 5,750 rpm. The top speed was 235 km / h. The second version on the list from the following year was the GTA V6 Turbo, equipped with a 2,458 cm³ V6, capable of delivering 200 hp (150 kW) and pushing the car to a top speed of 252 km / h. In 1985 the Turbo Europa Cup was introduced, with mechanics revised in such a way as to reach 260 hp (190 kW) and to push the car another 265 km / h of top speed. It was the maximum evolution reached by the GTA, it was produced in 69 units, mostly in the competition version but with the registration certificate, it is estimated that only 7 units remained in the civil version. It was made to participate in the "Europa Cup Renault Alpine V6 Turbo" (later Eurocup Mégane Trophy, part of the World Series by Renault) from 1985 to 1988. In 1987 the GTA was also to be exported to the United States, however production was stopped at 21 units, due to Renault's withdrawal from the US market and the sale by Renault in 1987 of American Motors, which was to ensure distribution. . The car was modified to suit the market and in particular it was equipped with a catalytic converter and retractable headlights and was marketed as the GTA USA, but ultimately no car was sold in the United States. In 1987 the catalyzed version of the GTA V6 Turbo was presented, first for the Swiss market and then for the French one; the engine however increased to 185 hp (136 kW) (15 hp less than the non-catalyzed V6 Turbo).In 1989 the limited series (100 units) of the V6 Turbo Mille Miles was presented, it was a special series, equipped with better standard equipment, to commemorate the 35 years of Alpine and the return of the Alpine logo on the GTA. In 1990 the limited series (of 300 copies, but in the end 325 were sold) of the V6 Turbo Le Mans was presented, it in particular had a widely modified aesthetic, especially in the front and was equipped with a body kit that increased it the weight of 200 kg and yet it was also equipped with the 185 hp (136 kW) engine (15 hp less than the non-catalyzed V6 Turbo, although costing more); however, the 210 HP (150 kW) Danielson tuning kit was available - marketed by Renault and at a surcharge.

This car is presented in the original version and preserved with service and testing just carried out. There are very few of these cars in Italy and their condition is excellent, original upholstery and without tears or abrasions. Cars to see and drive.


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